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directing the HTR Program rotation forest cultivation,

directing the HTR Program rotation forest cultivation, hence the need to desaign such, so that the land is available for cultivation may Cultivation Technology pecan  periodically produce forest crops. For the selection of plants based on the work area, and the commodities are grown in accordance with the harvest. (see Model Growing Plantation Forests).

b) Raising the HTR land use intercropping systems in the first year to fourth year. The system determines the spacing that gives opportunities for interval plants to grow and proper spacing. For the pecan crop spacing used was 4 mx 4 m or 5 mx 5 m. To help the spacing and direction so neatly made ​​with a flood before.

c) land cleared of vegetation disturbance agen bola and the stake perforated with size 40 x 40 x 30 cm.

3. Planting.

a) Planting is done at the beginning of the rainy season.

b) 7 days prior to fertilization with an organic fertilizer in each hole 75 grams of urea + 50 g KCl and 50 grams of SP.

c) The use of biological agents that are useful for that repair of soil physical, chemical and biological soil using: Bio P 2000 Z + Phosmit + water at a ratio of 1: 1: 180 in the hole pour the mixture is 0.5 liters .

d) Planting is done by filling up to the root collar, be careful not to bend the roots. If there is a root that has been removed should be cut.

4. Maintenance.

a) On the HTR Penen do with intercropping system for 4 years, then a maintenance weeding, fertilizing and pendangiran conducted on the sidelines of the crop, as well as the maintenance of forest plants.

b) In the forest plants that need attention is the stitching, because the investment is not there then attempted crop thinning has been located alive. If you die sooner
PADIPOKER.COM AGENT JUDI POKER  do embroidery. c) Security, with the cultivation of the possible damage to the sidelines. So to stay safe can be given a safety fence or buffer plant milestone.

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